About Alcap, Inc.

Alcap, Inc. has an unusual story about how it got started. There was an engineer who worked at Westinghouse in the early 70’s that wanted to centrally air condition his house. He was a very bright man and like most of us he enjoyed saving money. He read about installing systems and felt he could do it himself, so he began to go around talking to Westinghouse dealers getting pricing. Being an employee, he would qualify for a rebate from Westinghouse. One dealer had recently decided to retire, but he had an inventory of 6 or 8 units, so he agreed to sell them literally at cost just to get his money out. So this individual went around the company looking for other people who would also like to air condition their houses and found enough to buy the dealer out. He then proceeded to install his own unit first and then went around installing the rest for the other buyers. When he was finished, he said to himself, this isn’t that hard and I have a captured audience here at Westinghouse with people getting rebates and such and he started Alcap. He recruited two other individuals to form the Company and went into the part time business. The name Alcap was put together to be up front in the yellow pages and consisted of the various initials of the three original owners.

I personally became involved by working part-time on Saturday to make extra money. The original founder then obtained a legal degree (I said he was very smart) and that is when the company became incorporated. He did it all himself. One thing led to another and the lawyer took another job at a company that would not allow him to have any other business interests. He left and the remaining partner asked me if I would buy into the company since I had become an essential part of the operation. I agreed and became a 50% owner.

We continued to operate the company on a part-time basis. We had a major setback the day that Westinghouse decided to sell the A/C division to what would eventually become York. I contacted York and they agreed to sell us equipment, so we continued operations, but no longer had the advantage of a rebate system for our customers. Unfortunately, in early 1984 my partner died expectantly. I and my wife then became the sole owners of Alcap and I decided to go it alone. The first big break I got was when I started doing work for a big property management company. That allowed us to turn the corner and begin to generate some real income. In 1996, I retired from Westinghouse and began to work the business full-time and the rest is history. I have continued to maintain relationships with property managers because our rates are reasonable, we are responsive and dependable. I have been doing work for one in particular for over 27 years.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

“We have used Alcap for most of our HVAC service work since 1986. Dave and his crew work very hard to take care of his customers quickly, so when it is very cold and very hot and other contractors tell us that they can be out in a week, Dave or one of his guys are usually out there in a few hours. There have been countless times when it was extremely cold or extremely hot and Alcap has saved the day. Alcap has been fair on the pricing and has replaced many systems for us over the years, yet they strive to get as much life out of an old system as we can get. Other contractors over the years have walked in and said that the system was old and needed replacement and then Alcap would go out and fix it. We have been very pleased with Alcap Heating and Air conditioning.”
- Mark in Ellicott City

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